• The Creation of cosmos by Lord Brahma is full of wonder as well as men. Education makes them perfect in modern times only that education is fruitful which provides a vast prospect to men. Education means perfection and little knowledge create fumblity. But the desire to be perfect makes a person knowledge thirsty and curious. The main responsibility of education institute is to create this curiousness among students. The Society accepts the challenge for the same in GYAN VALLEY CO-ED (C.B.S.E.) SCHOOL.

    Staff training

    Staff training is an important part of induction as well as refresher programs at The Gyan Valley Co-Ed School. All our staff go through an intensive teacher training program to upgrade their teaching and nurturing skill. These programs are conducted by professionals from India. Ongoing training programs are also held throughout the year.


    A regular assessment of student’s work is considered crucial in the educational process. Progress is discussed with both parents and students. In Foundation and Primary School the assessment is based on class work, homework, projects, worksheets and detailed progress reports are made by the teacher. While in the Middle school, we follow (formative) continuous assessments throughout the year, there are two Summative assessments, one in each term. Senior school assessment have been organized following the Council guidelines.


    The Gyan Valley Co-ed School strives to offer its students a well-disciplined environment. A considerations for other and social responsibility from the basis of the high standards of behavior that is expected at all times. We endeavor to instill a sense of self-discipline in the student culture. A student’s council assist the staff team in matter of discipline and is actively involved in the planning and implementation of school initiatives. Parental support for the standards will be sought at all times. The school does not believe in corporal punishment.

    Home Work

    Homework, considered to be an integral part of the learning process is set every day, encouraging independent study.