• The Academic Block & Administrative Block

    The nodal point of our campus, the Administrative Block is designed to reflect the lively and transparent character of the school. It accommodates key staff offices and departments, the conferencing center, the Visitors’ Lounge as well as an outlet for complete school supplies.

    The Library

    A source of continuous delight and discovery for students, our library is spread over two floor and is an exhilarating treasure trove of information. In addition to a wide range of fiction and activity books, the library is well stocked with syllabus and reference books needed.

    Dining Hall

    Made to accommodate up to 300 students at a time, the Dining Hall is an architectural marvel. It also has a state of the art kitchen with the latest cooking equipment.

    Sport Facilities

    There are few thing as joyful to behold as children at play. Also, a child’s body needs to be exercised as much as the mind. We ensure that this happens in a systematic way and in a supervised environment. Thus, not only do we have the facilities for all major sports, we also have specialist coaches to make good use of the infrastructure.