Dear parents,

Parents -school partnership is deeply synergistic. Together we both work towards empowering the child so as to enable him/her to lead a fulfilling life. It is therefore essential that there is a connect of ideals and philosophies because if both the environment reflect similar thought processes. I would like to express gratitude for it is your child in this unique system of education that further fuels my passion for excellence.
For the upbringing a child, it is imperative to have mutual understanding of students, parents and teachers of the school where the child is admitted. The child who is source of energy and talents, the roll of parents is all the more important. We have to direct, channelize the child’s energy in the right direction, so that their future is safe and for that the student’s diary plays an important role.
It is our school’s vision to become a centre for excellence of learning unique in experience, value based in approach and pioneering in our efforts for enriching and fulfilling life.
As we embark this new academic year together, I hope to always look forward to this association where in we collect every work towards discovering and channelizing your child’s aspirations and talent.

  • Regards