Dear Gyan Valley Family Members,

Gyan Valley Co-Ed makes the pupil as masters in their talents.
Gyan Valley proudly says that, we are nation builder's. Loving child is equal to love the nation. Preparing child is equal to preparing the country. protecting a child is equal to protecting our nation. This is our duty and we are successfully doing it.

Education makes the country strong in all aspects. According to Bal Gangadhar Tilak, one of our freedom fighter, "A Nation can be destroyed without weapon , you just destroy their education". We strongly believe and understand the above said quotation. So gyan valley stands for good & Healthy education.

Passing knowledge to the generations is the duty of the teachers. Teachers make the bridge between the generations. Teachers themselves work as a bridge between age gap. We make the foundation of our national and international leader in the future.

teachers are the makers of all masters. Students are precious wealth of our nation.

  • Regards

  • Rev. Fr. Gigy Mathew Malikudiyil