Dear parents,

Our first and foremost step in the journey called education is to steer our students to ask questions rather than just answer them. It is our Endeavor to endeavor our students and guide them towards ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’ and when. Only then’ will they be able to enjoy real learning and only then will we be satisfied as teachers. Curiosity is God’s greatest gift to mankind and is another name for the ‘way forward’. It is our duty in schools to encourage our students to be those curious minds. The greatest learning in life comes from asking questions because we ask only when we want to know and not when we are forced to know. We want our students to want to know.
As always a school excels when it functions in a partnership with the parents. Once the baton is passed on of the previous one does not end. The parental responsibility goes beyond just paying the fees and sending the child to the school. It is a never ending participatory effort. I hope that parents continue to extend this hand so that we are able to give off our best. We are looking our student’s potentially great human beings.

  • Regards